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The Pros of a Kelowna Vampire Facial

The Pros of a  Kelowna Vampire Facial

It seems like every week there’s a new recommendation or trend in skincare. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the latest technique. However, for those on the mission to have youthful, healthy skin, there can be many benefits to exploring some of these new methods of ensuring healthy skin.

There are a variety of different types of facials, all with different benefits and target areas. Many celebrities have been embracing a rather unique facial technique that involves applying platelet-rich plasma to the face in order to achieve fantastic results. While these vampire facials may appear a bit shocking or uncomfortable at first, there are many major benefits to utilizing this technique in skincare called a Kelowna Vampire Facial.

Applying Platelet Rich Plasma

It doesn’t take much to realize where the colorful name for these facials come from. Celebrity photos of the technique have been popping up everywhere, showing the signature spotty red faces of high profile celebs eager to try out this technique. The vampire type of facial uses the individual’s own blood in order to increase healthy activity of your skin cells. The process begins with microdermabrasion and then is followed by applying platelet-rich plasma or PRP onto the skin. The plasma is created from a portion of the blood, containing a high count of platelets. These platelets contain very high levels of growth-stimulating agents, which then assist in stimulating cell growth and turnover after being applied to the skin. These platelets effectively work as an energy boost for your face. The skin on your face then can reproduce important things such as collagen and elastin. The plasma also works to bring antioxidants and help to hydrate your skin.

Using your own blood for a vampire facial probably seems a bit daunting at first. It does, naturally, involves a blood draw in order to obtain the blood, though overall the process is relatively painless. After the blood is gathered, it is then put through a centrifuge in order to separate the platelets from the other parts of the blood. Then the facial process begins with the microdermabrasion, and then the platelets are put on the patient’s face.

Since blood is drawn, it may take a day or two of recovery before engaging in any major physical activities, and it’s not uncommon for the face to appear a bit red initially as well. The appearance will be similar to having a mild sunburn, and many patients are recommended a sunscreen to wear immediately following the procedure. Makeup should also not be used immediately following a vampire facial.

While the procedure may seem a bit odd and uncomfortable at first, there are certainly many major benefits to using PRP to hydrate your skin and encourage healthy skin growth. This type of procedure can be an excellent technique in maintaining healthy, youthful skin.