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The Pros of a Kelowna Vampire Facial

The Pros of a  Kelowna Vampire Facial

It seems like every week there’s a new recommendation or trend in skincare. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the latest technique. However, for those on the mission to have youthful, healthy skin, there can be many benefits to exploring some of these new methods of ensuring healthy skin.

There are a variety of different types of facials, all with different benefits and target areas. Many celebrities have been embracing a rather unique facial technique that involves applying platelet-rich plasma to the face in order to achieve fantastic results. While these vampire facials may appear a bit shocking or uncomfortable at first, there are many major benefits to utilizing this technique in skincare called a Kelowna Vampire Facial.

Applying Platelet Rich Plasma

It doesn’t take much to realize where the colorful name for these facials come from. Celebrity photos of the technique have been popping up everywhere, showing the signature spotty red faces of high profile celebs eager to try out this technique. The vampire type of facial uses the individual’s own blood in order to increase healthy activity of your skin cells. The process begins with microdermabrasion and then is followed by applying platelet-rich plasma or PRP onto the skin. The plasma is created from a portion of the blood, containing a high count of platelets. These platelets contain very high levels of growth-stimulating agents, which then assist in stimulating cell growth and turnover after being applied to the skin. These platelets effectively work as an energy boost for your face. The skin on your face then can reproduce important things such as collagen and elastin. The plasma also works to bring antioxidants and help to hydrate your skin.

Using your own blood for a vampire facial probably seems a bit daunting at first. It does, naturally, involves a blood draw in order to obtain the blood, though overall the process is relatively painless. After the blood is gathered, it is then put through a centrifuge in order to separate the platelets from the other parts of the blood. Then the facial process begins with the microdermabrasion, and then the platelets are put on the patient’s face.

Since blood is drawn, it may take a day or two of recovery before engaging in any major physical activities, and it’s not uncommon for the face to appear a bit red initially as well. The appearance will be similar to having a mild sunburn, and many patients are recommended a sunscreen to wear immediately following the procedure. Makeup should also not be used immediately following a vampire facial.

While the procedure may seem a bit odd and uncomfortable at first, there are certainly many major benefits to using PRP to hydrate your skin and encourage healthy skin growth. This type of procedure can be an excellent technique in maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

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Kelowna Kangen Water and Weight loss

Weight Loss With Kangen Water

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Then you must remember the importance of water in the process. In fact, all weight loss diets will emphasize on the importance of clean fresh water. Water has a potential to speed up the process of weight loss. And if just any water could hold such potential in weight loss, what do you think Kangen water for weight loss – a better form of water- would do? You can only know by testing in on yourself.

Here is how Kelowna Kangen water helps with weight loss:

Better digestive health

The number one cause of constipation and diarrhea is dehydration. Your gut is left dry and the next thing you know is that you can no longer hold anything in your stomach. Kangen water has the power to rehydrate your colon. The gut is therefore lubricated and the good bacteria kept in place. You will find it easy to lose or maintain your healthy weight.

Energy boosting

You only need to lose 1% of your body water to become weak and fatigued. In such a situation, it becomes an uphill task to keep up with physical exercise. But taking Kangen water could reverse all these. With every sip you take during workout, your body becomes more hydrated and you can keep going for a long time.

It boosts metabolism

If you take cold Kelowna Kangen water, your metabolism will be pushed a notch higher. To warm that water, a few calories will be burned. If you keep up with this habit, you will be burning countless calories every day. With weight loss, if you can get a way to deal with extra calories then you will never have problems with keeping healthy weight.

Boosts muscle function

With proper hydration, your muscles will see less of tear and wear. Your joints will be better hydrated. Injuries that could put you down for long will become a rare thing. Muscle cramps will be the last thing you should worry about. This is the kind of assurance you need to engage in physical exercises.

Another thing you should know is that Kangen water helps limit the formation of lactic acid in your muscles. The less lactic acid formation in your muscles, the better it becomes with burning calories. It is no wonder that athletes are encouraged to keep hydrated all the time.

Leading a healthy habit

Taking water is a healthy habit. Kangen water helps you to make healthy decisions and one of them is about your weight. You will always take the required amount of water. You will feel the responsibility to lead a health life. With such a feeling, weight will never be a problem for you.

Kangen water, on its own, will not help you lose weight. You have to be physically active. You should also watch your diet. Do not expect miracles with your weight just because you strictly drink alkaline water. But if you can incorporate it in your daily life activities, it becomes a simpler process to attain healthy weight.

Major Benefits of Laser Treatments in Correcting Sun Damaged Skin

Odetees Kelowna BC

Laser Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

Your skin is one of the most sensitive organs in your body. It high level sensitivity is not only as a result of the fact that it is soft, but it is also the most exposed part of
your body. This high level exposure makes it vulnerable to get damaged by the
sun. As a result, it might develop sun spots, wrinkles and make you look aged.
If your skin is affected, there are different treatment options available. You
can correct sun damaged skin with Laser treatments, which are the best options
for you. Here are some of the major benefits of these treatments you get from med

Looking after your skin should be a priority and so should avoiding sun on your face and neck. If you have been an avid sun worshiper then you will have sun damage and the spots are coming.

There are vitamins that can help like vitamin A and C that you can find at most Med Spas

Online Health Shopping Tips for 2018

Food Health

It’s the new year, and after Thanksgiving and Christmas, people are stuffed and thinking about the health consequences of the holidays. It’s time to make those resolutions for the new year, and just what do you plan to do? Perhaps you are looking at the different health supplements that people have been talking about lately. Or maybe you aren’t looking at them quite yet, but you are ready to as you check out the best online health shops in 2018.

What health supplements would you be most interested in right now? Perhaps you have just made a New Year’s resolution to lose some weight. There are many dietary supplements out there, but the best online health shops are selling all kinds of hot topic supplements as 2018 begins. For example, there are nootropics, important vitamins and nutrients, joint supplements and much more. You might also want to look into essential oils and think far beyond the limits of oral supplements.


Maybe you have a birthday coming up, and you are wondering what are the best male enhancement pills for men in 2018 right now. There are always many different kinds of those products that are trending. You don’t want to buy everything you hear about, but you can certainly have fun looking at the products at an online health store and learning about them. Once you find some products that you want to start taking, then you can make an educated decision to start adding them to your regimen.

If you are just getting started paying attention to the products that are available in these stores, then you are going to have so much fun building up that regimen. Remember, too, that you want to look at natural remedies that you might also be able to try at home with ingredients you already have. That’s a nice way to ‘supplement’ your shopping at online health stores.

Combating Drug Addiction

Rehabilitation – What Are Your Choices

Not knowing what to expect when you are thinking about getting help for a drug or alcohol problem may be the most important barrier to an alcoholic or addict reaching out for and getting the right treatment at the right moment. With the incorrect portrayals of drug rehab centers from the media on apps like Celebrity Rehab along with many others, some addicts may not find out for assistance whatsoever based on what they have seen. But understanding what questions to ask if you talk to an intake specialist in a drug addiction rehab facility may make the difference between going into treatment blindly and enabling yourself with value information to be able to make the choice that’s right for you.

Query #1: Just how long does treatment last?

There is no actual reply to this issue because pain pills medication addiction differs for everybody. Every individual’s treatment program is extremely individualized and will consist of unique treatments of various durations. Additionally, not every single individual will finish their treatment strategy punctually. Therefore, some lengthier rehabilitation programs like residential outpatient treatment plans can last anywhere from 30 to 60 and if required even 90 days. Outpatient and Day/Night treatment plans are much less extreme but may also endure for 90 days or more in certain instances.

Query #2: What kind of treatment can it be?

The kind of treatment you want depends upon your drug or alcohol problem, how intense it is, just how long it was going on and if you’ve ever been treated for addiction before. The kinds of treatment available are:

*Inpatient Treatment: sufferers reside at exactly the same centre where they receive treatment

*Partial Hospitalization or PHP (Also Called Day/Night Treatment Programs): sufferers attend intensive treatments through the day and retire at the evenings to supervised fresh and sober living environments

*Outpatient: Patients attend treatments through the daytime and go to their own homes or alternative living situations from the day

Query #3: How can I pay?

Employer-sponsored insurance programs typically pay for treatment, as do personal medical insurance coverages. Some federal and state insurance plans will pay for rehabilitation too. Conversely, you are able to pay out of pocket for treatment and probably receive a reduction. You might even get a loan or use a charge card through several sober living Houston Texas locations. Furthermore, governmental and state welfare systems might be available to help pay for treatment. Sometimes you might have the ability to get a scholarship in the practice itself, or by a neighborhood civic or charitable organization.

Query #4: What kinds of therapies are utilized?

The Many frequent kinds of treatments used in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism contain:

*Proof Based clinics

*Truth therapy

*Cognitive behavioral treatment


*Personal treatment

Best Of Health


So, you say you want to be healthy?

Just what does that mean in these rapidly changing times for the healthcare field? Fortunately, as a society, we have grown beyond thinking the absence of pain or dysfunction in the body is equivalent to good health. The more information available about this thing called “health”, the more we realize it is all about potential and not merely the absence of symptoms or “disease”. The potential to express all that we are as members of the human race is the focus. Are you maximizing the “potential” you have for enjoying true health and being all you were meant to be?
The buzzwords in health these days are “mind/body response”. The evidence is almost overwhelming that the most powerful weapon in your wellness arsenal is your mind. How you use it can be your greatest blessing or greatest curse when it comes to your health. All the self-help books and positive affirmation brochures focus on helping you employ your mind in the arena of health. Numerous techniques and procedures recruit the patient’s thought process to assist in stimulating the healing response. Just how can that be, you might ask. What is this all about? How come the “eat, drink, and be merry and when you become ill some magic potion or surgical procedure will be provided to cure you and allow you to go back to the eat, drink, and be merry lifestyle once again” is no longer accepted as true. The fact is it was never true, we were just taught that it was and chose to believe it at the time. Well if that is the case, we better look for another model of health to pursue other than the one that has led us as a nation to become the unhealthiest society of all the industrialized nations on earth as reported by the World Health Organization.


First, we need to review some basic premises on the science of “life” if we are to consider a new direction. Traditionally, “life” has been associated with chemistry. This has served as the scientific basis for the majority of medical treatment. The idea being that if the abnormal chemistry is corrected, the problem/disease will be cured. We have a chemical (drug) available for every purpose imaginable in our attempt to micro-manage the physiology of this body that appears to have lost control of itself and is now doing “disease”. If this premise were true, one look at the size of the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) would reassure us that we have the “health” problem well under control. Obviously, this is not the case. Herein lies the basic fault in the old thought process regarding health. Chemistry is not, and never has been, the answer. Physics is the science of life. However, it is not the Newtonian physics we use everyday to describe the inanimate world about us, but it is the quantum physics of Einstein and others that relates directly to living systems. Understanding this emerging field will be the key to truly understanding how the body functions. Fortunately for us as a society, we don’t have to fully understand quantum physics to employ it for our benefit right now. The “mind/body” response is pure quantum physics in action. It is pure energy in motion; electromagnetic energy.  Is chemistry involved with this response? Surely, but only as an effect of the expression of the physics involved, and not as the cause.  There is one more step in the health equation that is beginning to be addressed by a few cutting edge health techniques. That step expands the health equation to the “spirit/mind/body” response. We are indeed spiritual beings having a physical experience. That reality can not be ignored if health is important to us.
I have had the good fortune of having the developer of one of these cutting edge techniques as a friend and mentor for the past 22 years.  Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr., has developed Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, B.E.S.T., over the past 27 years.  Dr. Morter is a past president of two chiropractic colleges, a noted lecturer, gifted author, researcher, clinician, and founder of Morter Health Systems in Rogers, Arkansas. His monthly Health Week program draws patients from around the world with some of the most challenging health problems imaginable. The results achieved utilizing his concepts and procedure are truly remarkable, to say the least. The Morter B.E.S.T. System employs a quantum physics model to health restoration. The system demonstrates how you can impact body systems with choices you make day-to-day, every day, in six areas of your life.

Six Essentials of Life

These areas are referred to as the “Six Essentials For Life”. They are as follows: What You Eat; What You Drink; How You Exercise; How You Rest; What You Breathe; and What You Think”. The choices made in these six areas serve as stimuli to the body and demand a response from it. These six essentials are the source of the “stress” that comes into your life. The sum total of all the responses by the body to your choices is what you and I refer to as either “health” or “disease”.  Symptoms/diseases become “necessary” due to the inappropriate choices we have made up to that point in time. They are the end product of the bodies attempt to compensate and survive the choices you have made. If we do not like the outcome of the choices we have made, we need to make better choices today and in the future. Health is certainly a journey and not a destination.

The key to regaining health is making better choices that will make the symptoms/disease no longer “necessary” and allow the automatic healing response to occur. Understanding “how it works” is vital so the patient does not re-establish the condition for which he receives treatment by once more making inappropriate choices. The balance of the clinical approach with B.E.S.T. addresses the improper choices that have occurred in the past and are now being expressed physically by the body. Its purpose is to seek out “cause” of the condition and neutralize it so the body can return to a healing mode according to its design.

Health is a reflection of autonomic nervous system tone in the body. Those choices that upset the autonomic nervous system tone balance are the ultimate “cause” of the condition the patient presents with. The autonomic nervous system is totally under sub-conscious control. Therefore, both health and disease are sub-conscious phenomena. It is important we understand how that sub-conscious system works and what it responds to if better health is our goal.

Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts: the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system. The sole purpose of the sympathetic system is survival. This system is the one responsible for your “fight/flight” response. It tones the body up to respond and survive the emergency at hand. The parasympathetic system is responsible for digestion, healing, cleaning and filtering of the body. It tones the body down to a relaxed state to accomplish repair and rejuvenation. These two systems respond to each other in a negative feedback model. That is to say, when the sympathetic are stimulated the parasympathetic are inhibited and vice versa. The short form of all this means you cannot be in a state of emergency (requires sympathetic dominance) and healing (requires parasympathetic dominance) at the same time. Prolonged interference of the natural rhythmic cycling of sympathetic/parasympathetic dominance will result in exhaustion of one of the systems and the ultimate development of symptoms and, finally, the naming of a disease state (diagnosis). The only way to allow health to re-establish is to address the choices that created the interference in the first place.  Altering symptoms with drugs or surgery will never address the cause of the interference. Though many people may live longer and feel better using drugs and surgery to address their crisis health problem, health will never be found in them. Health is an “inside out” process. There is no drug or surgery that can result in a healthier you. Only alteration of symptoms and a different expression of the “cause” that has not yet been addressed will result.

Spirit Mind and Body

So how does the “spirit/mind/body” fit into all of this? Can we create physiology in the body with our mind? Follow along with me for the next few lines and really focus on what is written. I want you to visualize me holding a lemon. It is ovoid in shape, large, and bright yellow with slightly green ends. Now watch as I place that lemon on a wooden cutting board and begin slicing it into wedges. The smell is tart as the juice shoots up during the slicing. Observe me as I squeeze those lemon wedges into a large spoon. Juice is spurting out and the tartness of the lemon is evident as some drops hit my lips. Now watch as I place that overflowing spoon full of fresh lemon juice in my mouth and swish it around before I swallow it….. Some of you might feel some tightness in your jaw muscles at this point. Others may feel saliva developing in your mouth. Some are experiencing both. Think about that. There is no lemon present. However, thinking of a lemon creates physiology instantaneously; muscles contract and glands secrete, all in response to a thought. Where did that response come from? It has to come from memory.  Stored information that when it was accessed, recreated the same physiology that was present the first time we ever experienced the taste of a lemon.
Is there any doubt in your mind that some experiences stored in your memory may be detrimental to your well being? What about that horrendous event you may have experienced which you could not even tell another human being about. Does the thought of that experience re-create the same physiology we experienced at the time it occurred? Just as sure as the thought of a lemon made muscles contract and glands secrete. What if elevated blood pressure was part of that initial response, could that cause elevation of my blood pressure today even though the event occurred years ago?  Absolutely. The key is to identify and neutralize these memory storage problems so they are not ongoing destabilizers of autonomic nervous system tone. Once balance of the autonomic nervous system is re-established, the return of health is as automatic as the healing of a cut on the surface of the skin. No thought is required in either case as this incredible self- regulating, self-healing organism responds appropriately to the stimuli received, all for the purpose of survival. That is the unique aspect of the B.E.S.T. system of healthcare. We are able to help you identify and neutralize those memory storages that are interfering with the health expression you desire.
I appreciate the opportunity to share with you what I am convinced is the healthcare of the future available to you and your family today.  I look forward to addressing each of the “Six Essentials” in detail in the months ahead. Hope your day is the B.E.S.T. ever! If not, make a different choice!